Asset | Marketing

Asset | Marketing is a study association at Tilburg University and focuses on students and alumni whom are interested in marketing, marketing research, and communication.  Asset | Marketing has become one of the biggest study associations in Tilburg, with over 500 alumni, and over 1300 alligned students. 

History of Asset | Marketing

Asset | Marketing was founded in 1987. The association was given the name ‘Marketing Associatie Katholieke Universiteit Brabant’ (MAKUB). Due to the fact that the university changed its name to Universiteit van Tilburg in 2002, MAKUB decided to change her name as well. From 2002 on, MAKUB was renamed Marketing Associatie Tilburg (MA-Tilburg).

In 2004 the first steps were taken to join forces and form a faculty association. In July 2008 the faculty association Asset was born. Because of joining this association MA-Tilburg changed its name again. From that moment on, the official name of the association became Asset | Marketing Association Tilburg.

Profile Asset | Marketing

Asset | Marketing is an association for all students Business Economics (BE), Marketing Management and Marketing Research at Tilburg University and others interested in this field.

Asset | Marketing provides its members with educational support, career guidance and informal activities. Study support is offered to its members in the form of guidance documents, and study of subjects within the curriculum. Second, members are provided with career guidance in various forms, including: In-house days, business dinners, case-days and Business Café. Asset | Marketing plays an intermediary role between orientating and self developing students and companies who want to profile themselves.

At this moment, over 130 students are participating in one of the thirteen committees Asset | Marketing has to offer. Also, Asset | Marketing cooperates with scientists and thanks to our large network of alumni and our good relationship with the Department of Marketing at Tilburg University, a lot of diverse, high quality activities can be offered to our members every year.

Students get the chance to bring their theoretical knowledge into practice and get in touch with corporate life. Furthermore, Asset | Marketing organizes an array of informal activities for students such as drinks and dinners. These activities create a strong bond between the members, which contributes to a high attendance of members, also at formal activities.

Asset | Tilburg

Besides the activities that Asset | Marketing organizes autonomously, there are also activities organized by the economic study association Asset, of which Asset | Marketing is a department. Study association Asset consists of 7 different departments, each with their own target group. These target groups are Accounting & Finance, Econometrics, Economics, Strategy & Logistics, Business and IT, International Studies, and Marketing. These departments cooperate in organizing extra-curricular activities for all students studying economics in Tilburg. Asset was found in 2008 and has approximately 5500 members. Because of this large amount of members, Asset is able to organize the Economic Business weeks Tilburg every year.