Academic Partners

Asset | Marketing is cooperating with the following academic partners:




Asset is the association for all students studying at Tilburg School of Economics and Management. We are built upon seven departments which represent seven study directions. These departments are as follows: Asset | Accounting & Finance, Asset | Econometrics, Asset | Economics, Asset | International Business & Management, Asset | Marketing, Asset | SBIT and Asset | Strategy & Logistics. With over 7000 members, Asset is one of the largest business and economics oriented Faculty Associations in Europe. Asset’s goal is to provide services and activities to all its members and to enhance their life during their studies at Tilburg University. Faculty Association Asset is managed by students and serves students by offering study exceeding activities on the one hand, and study specific activities on the other hand. Asset offers students the possibility to get in contact with potential future employers by means of the Economic Business weeks Tilburg, the Asset In-house days, the Consultancy Experience and several specific recruitment activities.

To get a grasp on how theory works out in ‘the real world’, Asset organizes activities that translate abstract books into sparkling events. Examples of such activities are the Asset International Conference, the Interfaculty Symposium, The International Experience, which is a three week volunteering project in a third world country, and the monthly Food for Thought interviews with prominent persons from different areas of expertise such as science, business or politics. Besides the formal activities that Asset organizes, there are also several informal, social activities. The Asset kick-off party, the Asset Gala, the COdE Beer cantus and the Pre-carnaval party are just a few examples.





Marketing Associatie Nederland (Marketing Association of the Netherlands, MAN) was founded in 1992. The MAN is a collaboration of the Marketing associations of Amsterdam, Groningen,  Maastricht, Rotterdam and Tilburg and wants to show its members that marketing reaches further than the lecture halls. The main goal is to link marketing theories to practice. This is accomplished  by initiatives as  the Nationale Marketing Strijd (National Marketing Competition), the Dutch Marketing Thesis Award and the Marketing Stage Netwerk (Marketing Internships Network). Furthermore the MAN is a great  source for sharing information between the local associations.



The Department of Marketing of Tilburg University is dedicated to excellence in research and teaching. It is a leading marketing group in Europe and is known as a top research school worldwide.  The Department of Marketing hosts academics with a strong international reputation in all three subdomains of marketing, being consumer behavior, marketing modeling, and marketing strategy. It  contributes to the BSc programs in Business Economics and International Business Administration and it offers MSc programs in Marketing Management and Marketing Research. Furthermore, it  contributes to the MSc in International Business, the Research Master in Business and Economics, the PhD Program in Business, and the executive programs at Tias Nimbas Business School.