Board Applications 2018-2019

Asset | Marketing is looking for new board members! During the summer break, Fabian, Jarmo, Babette and Vincent will end their board year. This means, there is a new opportunity comes by for four new ambitious students! The available positions are the following:

Chairman, External Affairs Officer and Treasurer!

  • Are you in for a great experience? 
  • Do you want to work with students, lecturers and companies?
  • Do you want to invest in your personal development?
  • Are you interested in taking part in the greatest board of Tilburg University (including Martijn and Willem)?

Are you interested?

Please send your CV and motivation letter to, step by at our room (E102) or read our upcoming board blogs on via the following links:

The application deadline is May 7.

v.l.n.r. Vincent Liu, Babette Tielemans, Fabian Hendriks. Jarmo Knobel