Business Economics

Asset | Business Economics is a collaboration of four departments at Faculty Association Asset. The reason for this collaboration is that for the bachelor Business Economics is not one department at Faculty Association Asset that fits completely for this bachelor study. The four departments are:



Asset | Business Economics organizes formal and informal activities in order to bring you together and to introduce you to the business world. Besides that, the different activities that are organized help you making a well overthought decision about your minor and master. Becoming active at Asset | Business Economics is a perfect chance to develop your skills and meet a lot of new people. You can meet other active members on the monthly drinks and other activities organized by your fellow active members.

Become Active

If you want to improve your skills and have a great time at our association, then you can become an active member. Are you interested? Please visit our rooms at the first floor (E1.02/1.07/1.16/1.19) of the Esplanada building or send an email to