The International Marketing Expedition (TIME) is an initiative of study association Asset | Marketing in corporation with Tilburg University. The purpose of TIME is to conduct international market research for companies in interesting foreign markets. These research projects are conducted by talented students who are selected for project and have affinity with marketing.

TIME for students

Do you accept the challenge? TIME offers 10 – 12 students the unique opportunity to conduct research abroad for Dutch companies. This research can have all different kinds of subjects, but will always help the companies with their strategic decisions.

TIME offers you the chance to gain experience with different kinds of research, both on a national and international basis. This will create a strong fundamental for further research at the university, and later in your career in a research position or in the field of marketing. 

But TIME includes more. Next to conducting research, students are made responsible for finding the companies that will be the client for their research.  Acquisition, both over phone and by visiting companies for sales appointments, is used for this. During this phase you will learn skills in the field of sales, which will be an enrichment for your cv.

The final purpose of TIME is conducting research during four weeks abroad. The location will almost always be somewhere outside Europe. Getting in touch with foreign cultures and get to know business etiquettes while conducting research will make TIME an unforgettable experience.

Do you want to know more about the possibilities within TIME? Visit the website for more information. Do you want to get in touch with TIME? Send an email

TIME for companies

TIME is a great solution for companies to get to know an unknown market, without investing a lot of time in this. TIME conducts custom made research abroad and will bring these results back to the company in a clear and understandable way. The research projects are conducted by talented students of Tilburg University. During the process the students receive help and feedback from professors of Tilburg University. A high academic level is reached by this help.

TIME offers a complete image because research is conducted for a longer period on the location itself. By this the cultural aspect will also be a part of the research. TIME offers a diverse range of research methods, always custom made for the research question. One research can for example be all about consumer culture, or the retail culture of the unknown market.

TIME is a non-profit organisation which makes use of the research skills of the students. Therefore the research project scan be offered against cost price, while guaranteeing the quality of a regular research desk.

TIME exists for 25 years now and a lot of companies already joined the project. Previous successful research expeditions went to Canada, Brazil, Sweden, China and Taiwan.

TIME offers an overall solution with a good, easy and cheap answer to your research question about foreign markets.

For more information you can have a look at the TIME website or you can send an email. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.