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Hi! My name is Femke and I’m the secretary of Asset | Marketing. As a secretary, I’m responsible for a wide range of small tasks within the organization. I will try to make an overview of the function-specific tasks.

First of all, you are responsible as a secretary for making minutes during the weekly board and policy meetings. In order to keep it clear for the rest of the board, I always write down who has to do which tasks for next meeting, doing this gives you a lot of insight into what the other people in your board are working on. However, don’t expect to spend all your time minuting though, the main moments that you have to make minutes are during the board meeting on Monday and the policy meeting on Friday, where you make plans with your board to achieve more long term targets. The benefit of this is that every week after the meeting on Monday, you already have a general idea of how busy you will be that week, which teaches you to plan well.

Additionally you are responsible for managing the website of Asset | Marketing, this means you have to create new webpages and events on the website, as well as updating existing ones. Working with the website is quite fun, especially as it takes a bit of getting used to, but you notice you get better at it overtime as you explore more complicated possibilities that the backend of the website offers you. It is important to note that to work on the website, you don’t need to do any coding, so you can start without any prior knowledge.
This is also a part of the secretary function that grants you the possibility to give your own twist to the association, as the website has a big influence in the way people perceive the association.

Secretary-specific tasks

  • Website management
    • Creating events/pages
    • Building registration forms
    • Updating and improving pages
  • Masters in Marketing
    • Member management
    • Communication towards Alumni
  • Serving on FWO bodies
  • Coordinating committees
  • Study support
  • Range of smaller tasks


  • Various tasks
  • Room for own interpretation
  • Structure within the board provides overview
  • Much cooperation and therefore insight into other functions