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As vice-chairman, the main responsibility is the social cohesion within the association and the recruitment of new members.

As vice, your the main contact point for all active and new members. Most of the time your the first person new members meet when they want to join a committee because you have an introduction talk with them. In those talks, you go through the available committees with them to see which one fits them best.

Because you’re the main contact point the position of vice-chairman helps you expand your network very quickly, as you get to know all active members in no time. Furthermore, you are also responsible for all the promotion of Asset | Marketing, this means that you will make a promotion schedule every week showing what gets promoted through which channels to bring committees and events to the attention of the marketing students. But also doing the class presentations during the kick-offs.Additionally, as a vice-chairman, you sometimes need to take over the role of the chairman if he/she is absent. For example, leading the board meeting. As vice-chairman, you are also a part of the public relations meeting, a faculty-wide organ of Asset general. Together you’re responsible for the promotion, pr, and recruitment of Asset as a whole. For example, help organize the role of Asset in the TOP week.
Of course, as a board member, you also help with organizing (in)formal events together with the board and coordinating multiple committees. Next to these things, the vice-chairman has several smaller tasks that are mostly aimed at increasing the social cohesion of the association such as ranking the cies, updating the picture wall, making member of the month posts, etc. Below, you can find an overview of all the tasks that are related to the vice-chairman position.

Vice-chairman specific tasks:

  • Responsible for the promotion of Asset | Marketing and its events
  • Recruitment of new members
  • Improving the social cohesion within the association
  • Coordination of several committees (the designcie is often a committee coordinated by the vice-chairman)
  • Take place in the Public relations meeting of Asset general
  • Taking over the role of Chairman in case of absence


  • Quickly expand professional network
  • Leadership experience
  • Learn to design (Indesign, Photoshop)
  • Step out of your comfort zone
  • Learn public speaking skills
  • Meet many new people

Do you see yourself as the next vice-chairman of Asset | Marketing? Or do you want more information? Send an email to I would love to tell you more about the function and how to apply!