Why Asset | Marketing? 

There are many reasons to become a member of Asset | Marketing. These reasons are: 

  • A discount on published guidelines 
  • Reduced participation fee's for activities organised by Asset | Marketing 
  • Receive the magazine "Markethings Magazine" four times a year
  • Building an formal and informal network
  • Staying informed about career opportunities through our channels

How to subscribe? 

The vast majority of all TiSEM students is a member of Asset. The costs of becoming a member of Asset | Marketing are only €15 annually which you will earn back quite quick By becoming a member you agree to the General Conditions which you can find here. We advise you to read them carefully as they contain all relevant information about your membership at our association.

If you want to subscribe for Asset, you can do so in two ways:

  • You can subscribe online
  • You can drop by Asset in the Esplanade building in room E.102. 

If you want more information about becoming active, read this