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We offer very diverse committees that vary in work pressure, so there is always one that suits your preference! Are you interested in becoming active or do you want to receive additional information? 

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    26 October 2023
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    23 October 2023
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    06 September 2023
  • Champions League

    29 June 2023

Board Year

Are you in for a great experience? Do you want to develop yourself both professionally and personally? Do you want to manage and lead the daily activities within one of the largest study associations in the Netherlands? Do you want to work with students, lecturers and companies? Then become a board member of Asset | Marketing!


"As vice, I’m the main contact point for all active and new members. Most of the time I’m the first person new members meet when they want to join a committee because I have an introduction talk with them. In those talks, I go through the available committees with them to see which one fits them best."


"As a Secretary, I'm responsible for the minutes of the board meetings, the website and the member administrations"


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